What Happened To Backpage Escorts Unites States

By Sarah N. Lynch , Lisa Lambert. Groups and political leaders working to end forced prostitution and child exploitation celebrated the shutdown of Back, a massive ad marketplace that is primarily used to sell sex. But some internet and free speech advocates warned the action could lead to harsh federal limits on expression and the press. The website posting said U. The Justice Department said late on Friday that a court in Arizona ruled the case remains sealed, which puts any legal information under wraps.

In the posting about the seizure, the department had originally said more information would be made public on Friday evening. Reuters was unable to reach representatives of Back for comment. Heitkamp helped draft legislation passed by the Senate last month that makes it easier for state prosecutors and sex-trafficking victims to sue social media networks, advertisers and others that fail to keep sex trafficking and exploitative materials off their platforms..

President Donald Trump will the bill into law next week, said Heitkamp. Back and advocacy groups say the are free speech protected by the U. The Supreme Court in January refused to consider reviving a lawsuit against Back that was filed by three young women, who accused it of facilitating their forced prostitution.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has told Congress that nearly three quarters of the cases submitted to the center relate to posted on the site. The judge in the case ruled the website was protected by the First Amendment, and it was not liable for the speech of third parties. Legal News Updated.

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