Belle Foods is a family owned and family oriented retail grocery chain consisting of 57 stores operating in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi while being based out of Birmingham, Alabama. At Belle Foods, we pride ourselves in providing top quality products, excellent customer service and affordable prices within a clean and family-friendly environment.

When you establish a new brand, each unit, or store, must adhere to the same guiding principles by which we run our business. For us, we want to focus on what we call the Five Priorities in running our business every day. Those are: 

  • Quality – We must strive every day to have the best quality perishable departments in our markets, as well as the best quality Teammates (which we know we already have).
  • Cleanliness – Our stores must be clean; floors, restrooms, shelving, deli cases, etc.
  • Stock Level – Unless we have a manufacturers shortage (and we should communicate that properly to our customers), we shouldnt be out of stock on any item ever. Our customers need to have the confidence that they can get the items they need in our stores at all times.
  • Signage & Pricing – Price image and low prices are the keys to success in this business. We will continue to be priced right on the key items in Center Store every day.
  • Service – Customer Service is a great differentiator between us and our competitors. We must go the extra mile to help each and every customer get in and out of store quickly, find everything they need, and leave our store with an overall positive shopping experience. Remember, no matter what, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Remember the old adage: It takes years to get a customer, but seconds to lose one. We take this to heart – word of mouth in our business is huge. We strive to have the best customer service in the business!

Mission Statement
Making shopping refreshingly simply for our communities by providing quality products in a family atmosphere at reasonable prices.

Belle Foods Core Values
• Simplicity
• Quality
• Integrity
• Service
• Family
• Loyalty