The Most Unique Restaurant In The World

Sometimes going to any normal restaurant is not able to satisfy our need on getting some unique experience. The food might be okay, but what about the decoration and everything? Every single thing is so important for a restaurant. First, they need to have a good food, good services and then the last one is they must have a very unique thing that they have to offer to their customer. Some of them are forgetting about those things and start with some normal stuff that makes people easily bored, but there is also some unique restaurant that offers a unique way to satisfy their customer. Here my top list for most unique restaurant in the world.

Tombs Restaurant In India

I am not joking here because you would eat with some dead bodies. First, it’s such a not nice experience when I tried it. I tried to look around and see their names and it really gives me goose bump. The food itself is not that great, but the experience is really unique and scary. They served many sweet foods and good tea here, so why don’t you come here.

Sky Restaurant In Belgium

It is not a really sky restaurant, but they are really making a great place for eating our food. i actually really afraid of heights and they make us flying to 150 feet above. I don’t really suggest it if you have any problem on some bad conditions because it’s so scary to see everything from the above. The restaurant is pretty small and you cannot do much thing there. The only thing that you could do is seeing around and only making some movements. Be preparing to save your money because the price is quite tough.

Ithaa Restaurant In Maldives

We have seen a flying restaurant and now we need to have one on underwater to make the list is completed. You must taste their local food because it tastes really great. There, I could see many unique species that I even never see before. There is shark, manta and other local species that making a unique experience.

Those are my recommendations for most unique place in the world. I only have three of them because I already visited that place. I don’t want to place some restaurants that I never taste before. If you are having more recommendation, just make a comment and I would be so happy to put it here.