Tasty Smoke Turkey Recipe Electric Smoker Ideas

How to Cook Turkey in an Electric Smoker

Turkey is one of the most delicious chickens. It can be cooked in various recipes. However, it will be much more delicious if you smoke it. With a smoker, you can enjoy smoked turkey anytime. It is also easy to make the recipe. If you are interested in smoke turkey recipe electric smoker, I will recommend some recipes for you.

Smoked Cherry Chicken Recipe

This is the first electric smoker turkey recipe that you can try. To try this recipe, firstly you need to preheat smoked at 225 degrees of Fahrenheit. After that, you need to combine ground cloves, salt, cinnamon, lemon juice, lemon zest, butter, and cherry preserves in a bowl with medium size. Then, brush marinade over the chicken and reserve it for basting during the process of cooking or smoking. Next, place the chicken in the smoker and then smoke it for one and a half hour until the temp reaches 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. After it is smoked well, you can serve it then.

Smoked Turkey Recipe

There is also a simple recipe of electric smoker turkey. This recipe can be followed easily. What you need to do is firstly to mix chopped onions with butter. Then, add bread to fill the turkey cavity completely. After that, you should mix a half cup of olive oil with red pepper and rosemary. Next, inject it below the skin and also the middle of turkey breast. The next step is to rub a half cup of live oil vigorously onto the turkey skin. Then, add 3 tablespoons of pepper and salt. Lastly, smoke until it reaches the safe temperature before you can serve it.

Breast Recipe

This smoke turkey recipe electric smoker is also easy to try. Even more, it also needs simple ingredients. The first step is to preheat the electric smoker at 225 degrees of Fahrenheit. After that, wash turkey cleanly and dry it. Then, inject 6 ounces of turkey breast using a marinade injection in some locations on the breast. Next, rub your desired seasoning on the turkey. Now, place it on the smoker rack and smoke it for about 5 hours or 45 minutes each pound until the temp hits 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. When it is smoked well, you can serve it soon.

Sausage Gumbo Recipe

This is another most recommended electric smoker smoked turkey recipe. Actually, it is similar to other turkey recipe. However, you need to add sausage gumbo. This sausage can also be made using an electric smoker you have. After everything is cooked, then add the sausage onto the smoked turkey. The, serve it on plates. You can also add some seasonings based on your desire.

Those are some ideas of smoke turkey recipe electric smoker. There are actually still many other recipe ideas to try. Those recipes can be followed easily using your own electric smoker at home. Hopefully this can inspire you to make your desire smoked turkey.

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